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What is fleetzr©

fleetzr© is an online business platform where Ship Owners can find and hire Ship Services Providers for off-base annuals, maintenance or repairs.

Get instant quotes for annuals, read other owners' recommendations or see what is available in other nearby ports.

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If you are a Ship Owner, it's absolutely free.


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Find service companies all around the world for your maintenance or repairs.


fleetzr© gives you instant quotes for your annuals.


fleetzr© is cloud based. No installation. Accesible from anywhere in the world.

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Ship Owners

  • Find the right services provider in every port
  • Check companies' ratings by other ship owners
  • Request quotes or services with one click
  • No annual fees

...Yard has made our life easier. It's a bliss. In just a couple of clicks you find what you need, compare prices and you got it!.

Service Providers

  • Be one step ahead of your competitors
  • Expand your market
  • Improve your service quality with customers' feedback
  • No annual fees

...Yard has turned out to be a very powerful business tool. Our number of services has increased significantly. We definitely recommend it.

About us

Global service finders is a company founded by a team with more than 15 years of experience in the maritime services industry.

Our goal is to provide the sector with a tool that allows ship managers to find service companies all around the world and request services with a simple, time saving interface.

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HP 22 5DE Ayslesbury

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